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How is the Adventists InStep for Life initiative related to the national Let’s Move campaign?  In 2010 First Lady Michelle Obama launched Let’s Move to fight the epidemic of childhood obesity.  The Seventh-day Adventist Church joined some 50 other faith and community organizations in supporting this national initiative.  Adventists InStep for Life is the Adventist response to the call to fight childhood and adult obesity and is a collaborative effort by Adventist churches, schools and health care organizations.
How do I get a local Adventists InStep for Life group organized?  Any church, school or Adventist organization can start a local group. We encourage you to choose a Coordinator to register your site online, order materials, submit monthly reporting, and access summary reports.  This individual will also be the contact person that will receive ongoing information and email updates about the Adventists InStep for Life initiative.  Each site can only have ONE coordinator.  In addition, your organization is encouraged to form an Adventists InStep for Life team.
Who can participate?  Anyone who is interested in improving their fitness and health and promoting a healthy lifestyle is welcome to join. We hope whole families, schools, Sabbath School classes, and youth groups will participate together and that you will invite your community friends to join you as well.  We suggest you begin by registering online, and then exploring the Getting Started page.

Do I need a pedometer?  Pedometers are an easy way to keep track of your physical activity from walking, hiking and/or running.  You can order them online from our web site or you may purchase at a local sporting goods store.  However, you can also keep track of other types of activities and convert to miles.

Can I invite others to join me?  By all means! Ask friends at work, a neighbor, or other friend to join you in your journey to better fitness and health. Be an advocate for fitness and health in your community. Get as many people as possible to be InStep for Life.

Can I get exercise credit for mowing the lawn and working in the yard?  Absolutely. As long as you are pushing the mower and not riding on it, and as long as you are doing active gardening such as spading, hoeing, and raking. Sorry, trimming the roses doesn't count for fitness but it's good for mental health. Keep track of the number of active minutes of gardening and report them on your exercise log. The exercise time needs to be in minimums of at least 10-15 minutes at a time to be considered aerobic. There are dozens of other activities you get credit for as well.

Do I have to have a fitness buddy?  No, but it's best if you do. If you have someone to go walking, running, or biking with regularly, you are much more likely to maintain your resolve. It also makes it more fun. Invite your spouse, your teenage son or daughter, and friends to go with you. Be an advocate for fitness and good health. By helping others, you also help yourself.

How do I report my miles?  First, you need to register online or have your local Coordinator register for you.  Then follow the instructions to report daily, weekly, or monthly, as convenient.  In some locations, you may also be able to submit your miles to your local Coordinator to report for you.
What awards can I earn?  Your physical activity can count towards the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (United States only) and/or North American Division Active Lifestyle Award.  You can get also achieve induction into the 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 mile clubs after completing the respective number of physical activity miles in one year.  Your Coordinator will be able to print your award certificates for you.  In addition, churches, schools, universities and health care organizations can win organizational awards for participation rates, starting a community garden, organizing a farmer’s market, or sponsoring/hosting a summer feeding site. 

Additional Questions?   Please feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.  
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