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September, 2017

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September, 2015

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September, 2014

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September, 2013

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September, 2012

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May, 2012

Health & Fitness Symposium, Andrews University

The Department of Nutrition & Wellness at Andrews University hosted the first Health & Fitness Symposium from May 10 - 13, 2012; co-sponored by Pioneer Memorial Church Health & Wellness Ministries, GC Health Ministries and PositiveChoices.com.


In all, we had about 70 people who participated, including presenters and we were very happy with the turnout! The presentations and sessions were fantastic with a great variety of speaker (see attached program), topics and applications. There were keynotes, seminars and workshops, special events (Mobile Adventure Walks, Friday concert featuring Alison Brook and Kindle, How to make vegetarian Sushi 101 and much more).
B.S. Health & Fitness, BHS: Wellness majors and Fitness Education minors volunteered to staff the event and also participated. Other students took the symposium for academic credit and found it to be a valuable learning experience.
The theme was: connect & inspire to share.

There was a great emphasis on connecting the physical and spiritual wellness components and also approaching health holistically. Dr. Monica Reed from Florida Hospital delivered an inspiring keynote address to open the Symposium highlighting the topic: "Living on the Edge", which set the tone for the entire event.
Dominique Wakefield followed presenting the first seminar on: "The Power of Motion" highlighting the emphasis of this Symposium: Physical Fitness and Activity.


The entire staff, the presenters and the participants had an amazing experience and the feedback was positive, energized and excited about this event. Though it was a lot of work, it paid off and hopefully more events highlighting the importance of physical activity will continue, particularly within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Lancaster SDA Church

In an effort to reach out to reduced income families and the elderly in our small community and rural county, the Lancaster SDA Church, in Lancaster, TN, decided upon two methods that would allow us to simultaneously foster friendships with community members, cooperate with other denominations in town in a joint project, provide opportunities for witnessing, and meet the nutrition needs of those who might not have sufficient means to purchase fresh vegetables for their families.

There are squash, green peppers, and eggplant out of the picture to the right; corn in the far background. The garden is typical unamended Tennessee rocky clay soil. We are working through organic means to leave this plot of ground in better shape than we received it for use from the friend at the Methodist Church in Lancaster. The bare ground will be covered with newspaper and then mulched to provide weed control, help keep the precious moisture in the ground, and protect the plants from heat.

First, we approached the other two churches in the town regarding planting a community garden. Members from the Lancaster Baptist Church and the Lancaster United Methodist Church, agreed to assist in this effort. A moderate-sized plot of ground right on the main road through town was donated for this purpose by a Methodist Church member. Our church purchased the seeds and has provided the water, while members from all three churches have given their time and energy in tilling and preparing the ground, in planting the various seed varieties, and maintaining weed control as everything has sprung to life.

Betty Proctor and her two daughters (from the Methodist Church), and my husband Leslie Walper, head elder of the Lancaster SDA Church, hoeing beans and tomatoes in the Lancaster Community Garden.

As produce comes in, members of the three churches plan on distributing it to families in Lancaster. Since some of the produce might not be readily familiar to the recipients, such as butternut and Hubbard squash, kale and crowder peas, the faith community nurse from the Lancaster SDA church will provide a newsletter with an appropriate recipe, and a short educational health article to each recipient. (See examples of the newsletter here and here.)

The second project was devised to assist the Smith County "help center" that is funded, in part, by several of the county's churches, including the Lancaster SDA Church. The help center is a resource for individuals and families in need of food, clothing, and assistance in paying utility bills. To raise much needed additional funding, as well as increase awareness of the help center's on-going need for financial support from the community it serves, it was decided by the church membership to host a footrace.

With assistance from church family members who are avid runners, the race project got off the ground rapidly. Businesses in the county were approached for financial assistance to pay for timing, purchasing of T-shirts, and other expenses. Many responded positively with generous donations.

Capitalizing on local beauty and land features, the Run the River TN race breaks the mold for footraces. It is unique for several reasons: it is a non-standard length of 4.5 miles (7.2K); it is a point-to-point race; the course is over gently rolling hills along a scenic river; it is scheduled on a Sunday; and on a special holiday — Father's Day. These features have presented both challenges for race management, and created interest among serious runners.

Challenges included the necessity of transporting participants from the registration/finish line area to the race starting point, which required a bus. This challenge opened the door for the church to approach other churches in the county who own buses, for the purpose of securing the loan of a bus for the morning before church. It allowed us meet and become friends with pastors of these churches as we sought their help and cooperation.

Interest among serious runners was generated by the unique element of a Sunday race, which was applauded by one runner's store owner as "refreshing and innovative." He said, "It shows that you are not intimidated by the prevailing sentiment of Sunday sacredness." That the race course is over slightly rolling hills, an unusual length, point-to-point, and along a beautiful river, collectively were viewed as a physical challenge for serious runners that like to have opportunity to test their athletic strengths in different ways.

Throughout the entire process of planning both the race and the garden, the Lord has led the way by opening doors, providing willing cooperation from those we've contacted for assistance, and solving problems for us. We praise His name as we continue to work in this community for His glory!

Ann Walper RN, FCN
Lancaster SDA Church
Lancaster, TN

April, 2012

Sligo Adventist School 5k Fun Run

To a first time 5K planner, a 100% chance of rain in the forecast on the eve before the big race, was not the best news to hear.  But then again, we were raising awareness and money for a great cause, Worthy Students, and faith not failure enveloped my thoughts.  It was faith, therefore that had gotten us this far.  You see at the beginning of this school year, both Sligo Adventist School and John Nevin’s Andrews School had opened its doors with much grandeur as we reveled in the improvements made to each facility by the Commonweal Foundation.  

The renovations proved to be uplifting to each school’s spirit and instilled a need to maintain our academic endeavors school wide.  This meant that we needed to raise funds to meet our scholastic goals.  Fundraising for such a large monetary goal, $350K for each school, seemed quite taxing but this is where faith came in.  We knew it could and would be done.  But how?  It was our great fortune that Sligo Adventist School (SAS) hired a new 2nd grade teacher, Rachel Fuentes. Her husband, Alvin Fuentes also began work at Washington Adventist University.  Mr. Fuentes had planned and organized fundraising races in the past and had been quite successful and knew of our need to raise money for our Worthy Student fund.  Thus, a small committee of five arose and plans were underway for the 1st Annual Christian Education 5K Race/Fun Run.
Over the course of the Fall and Winter months planning and strategizing and faith-building took place.  We knew the plans we were making were for the glory of God.  After months of rallying our students, promoting the race around the city, radio advertising slots, church bulletin inserts and many planning meetings…the teachers, staff, and students were ready to conquer race day.  Thoughts were still swirling about the weather and how many participants and volunteers there would be.  Faith brought many to prayer leading all the way up to the very moment of registration.  As the first volunteers gathered at the WAU campus to set up, the rain held off!  Then came another answer to prayer - even before the clock hit 8 am for registration there were participants and volunteers pouring in ready to go!  We had a total of 200+ individuals all making this event marvelous… teachers, faculty, students, and our community. The Lord had answered our prayers…and proved not only to those in attendance but the event staff that the will of the Lord is mightier than that of man.  

As the events were underway along Sligo Creek Parkway, the skies opened up to rain but the Lord’s power was already being felt and no one was being deterred from making this inaugural race special. Some runners even welcomed the dreary weather, saying it was a perfect day for running!  As I stood under the dripping trees of the Parkway, I remembered back to my prayers the night before that it wouldn’t rain because then people would come.   I was amazed at how the Lord chose to answer prayer – the rain came but so did the people.  I think it was the Lord’s way of saying, “Trust Me, you are doing My Work.”  And when all was said and done we raised close to $13,000.00 for Christian Education and Worthy Students.  

Our first attempt at raising awareness for Worthy Students turned into a success.  Christian Education, to me, is about the unity of an educational institution bonded through their Creator and the life-changing benefits that this relationship can have on each students’ life.  The rallying of the teachers and staff of SAS and JNA, the participation of nearly 150+ students and their families, and the dedication of our community to share in this endeavor clearly highlighted the unification we all felt in our hearts.

By Heather Lunsford, SAS Home and School Leader 2012
5K Race Fun/Run Organizer

March, 2012

Shiloh SDA Church Health Ministries Department Update

The Shiloh Health Ministries Department started the year focusing on increasing awareness of childhood obesity.  On January 7, 2012, Dr. Barry Lee and Health Ministries staff presented a Seminar on Obesity the Unspoken Epidemic.  All attendees participated in BMI screenings.

Because of our ongoing commitment to increase involvement, the Shiloh Soldiers Men’s Basketball Team has joined our Adventists InStep for Life Campaign. The team will report their physical activity mileage twice weekly.  They will be recognized at our upcoming Health Seminar for contributing over 200 miles of physical activities, and all 15 players will receive a certificate and a medal.  

On February 26, 2012, we began our walking program.  Twelve walkers were issued pedometers and a physical activity log.  We met at the foot of the beautiful Cooper River Bridge, site of the annual international bridge run in downtown Charleston.  Following devotion, we attempted the 6.2 - mile walk.  I am happy to report that we completed the walk with no man left behind.  Our next bridge walk will be held on Mach 25, 2012 when we expect God to again bless our efforts and increase participation.

On March 24, 2012, our Health Ministries team along with the Shiloh AYS will be sponsoring a Wellness Seminar. Our theme is Obesity it can be Controlled, and we will look at the spiritual, physical and psychological impact of obesity. The seminar will feature a Children’s Corner, where they will be taught the importance of portion size and how to prepare their plate using the “My Plate” dietary guidelines, and will end with aerobic activities.  This event will be free and open to the public.

January, 2012
Palm Harbor SDA Church, Florida
As with many good things, this story began with several catchy sermons from our Pastor which lead to a question.  The answer to the question became the Palm Harbor Health Challenge.  The challenge was for members to participate in a half-marathon or 5k held locally in Palm Harbor in Nov 6th, 2011; they could run, run/walk or walk the event.  It is a local yearly race organized by Premier Racing Institute and the processed of the event go to Childhood Obesity Foundation.

As for me, an avid runner, not many races or events leave a long lasting impression such as this one.  As with any activity, I never expected to see a great level of commitment and dedication from each member.  We all supported and encouraged each other through the training and especially on race day.  However what hit me the hardest was to learn the motivation of each individual member.  This particular challenge represented a turning moment in my spiritual life.  As we all know, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

I am very proud to share our member’s experiences:

“My first 5k was a great experience!  When our Pastor first announced the 5k event and explained that it was a three mile walk, I said there is no way I could walk three miles.  But the next week when it was mention again, I decided I would try it.  So at age 80, I started practice for the three mile walk.  It was fun because we walked once a week as a group.  Many thanks to God and our coach, Luis, I was able to complete the event.  A few months ago I was told by my Doctor that I had the start of Osteopena and that walking was the best exercise.  God really works in strange ways!  Now I am looking forward to another marathon.”
     - Mary Bowens runner 159  

“I had never walked a 5K before so when I heard that Luis Mejia would help train us and we could do that as a church group, I jumped at the chance.  We started in June? With a schedule worked out by Luis and we   met at a park at 7:15am on Sundays.  It was a lot of fun walking in a group and it renewed a walking habit that I had let slide. Being able to walk with people you only saw on Sabbath morning was great, as we learned a little more about each other. My walking buddy was 80 years old and it was a joy to watch as she built up her speed and was able to keep up with me.  When Race Day came, all of us stayed together for the walk, and to see that we all finished the race was exciting.  I'm looking forward to doing it again next year.”
     - Martha Willis runner 780

December, 2011
Rochester Area SDA Churches, New York

About 145 members from Rochester area churches descended on the grounds of the Mendon Ponds Park in Rochester, New York, on Sunday, September 25, to get moving and show their commitment to living healthy, productive, and active lives. People from zero to 80 joined in the festivities and walked the 5k course.

First Lady, Michelle Obama, started the Let’s Move initiative in 2010 in Washington, D.C. Since then, many organizations have caught the wave and jump-started their own plans and programs to aid in fighting obesity. When the North American Division announced September 25 as Let’s Move Day, members of the Jefferson Avenue church jumped in. Kim McDonald and Shackarah Vera, avid walkers and runners, began planning to get the Rochester area churches involved.

With help from James Bowman,  co-chair of the CHIP Program, and  Christopher McDonald, Adventist Youth director, the team posted flyers, visited sister churches, and distributed pins to members, encouraging them to “get up, get out, and move!

Their efforts paid off when members from the Jefferson Avenue, Breath of Life, Genesee Park Boulevard, Antioch, Rochester First Hispanic, Haitian, and Bayknoll churches arrived donned in their white, green, and blue Let’s Move T-shirts, shorts, sweats, and sneakers, ready to move.

The spirit of community, family, fellowship, and good health filled the air as members walked, ran, and strolled on the trail. Every person completed the walk/run and was met throughout the course by photographers, concession pit stops, and then a welcome reception at the finish line, complete with water and healthy snacks.

Local media outlet YNN news printed a cover story with James Bowman and shared the activity with the Rochester viewing area, featuring the Jefferson Avenue church and its efforts to spread information about health and the gospel message.

Let’s Move is a national initiative aimed at bringing heightened awareness and action to the fight of obesity in children and adults. The message ties into the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s health message and it was a natural fit for the church to adopt and bring Let’s Move Day to the Rochester community.

 - Angela Tucker, communication director, Jefferson Avenue church
     taken from the December 2011 issue of The Atlantic Union Gleaner

October, 2011
Berea SDA Church, Toronto
On Sunday, September 25, 2011 thirty six members of the Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church in Toronto participated in a two- mile walk for Childhood Obesity led by members of the Health and Temperance Team.  
On the morning of the walk, we were blessed with good weather, and the participants had a wonderful experience.  Although our group was small, many members of the community responded to our message in a positive way.  We at Berea are now preparing with anticipation for next year’s event, which by God’s grace will be a greater success. 

Killeen SDA Church, Texas

My name is Travea McGhie Brooks, and my husband and I are the new health ministry leaders at Killeen SDA Church in Killeen, Texas (home to Fort Hood - US largest military base). The Lets Move Day event was our first endeavor and we counted it a success, with all the Glory going to God. We had 3 weeks to plan everything (because we were recently nominated to the position), but we had a great group of volunteers, and approx 70-75 people showed up for our 5K Run/walk. We gave awards to  first 3 people with the fastest time including prizes for those under age 18.

Clearlake SDA Church, California

Clearlake SDA Church is a small church, average attendance 70-100, very rural, in Northern CA. We have active Health Team and our web site is thehealinglifestyle.org . The Health Team been working together for over 5 years and teaching the community and members.
I gave them the step recording form from your website.  I will be collecting them monthly and turning in all at once.

We had one walk that was just over 2 miles. One just over 1 mile, and one group that did two laps around the parking lot so even and had chairs ready for rest stops as needed.  That group was the weakest group, even one with a walker.  They made two laps!  Our Physician stayed in the Hall and gave a class on exercises to the weakest group on how to get stronger by use of exercise bands, chairs and bouncy balls.  They had a good work out before they left!

Our hope was that our community would join in.  We will combine this on the week that our Full Plate Program gets to the week about exercise.  Lake County is the sickest county in CA.  We have a huge population of smokers, drug use and very low income that are very hard to motivate.

Out Team Leader is Susan Jen.  She will be reporting out to church family next week and encouraging all the members to join in.
We created a poster of a copy of the county map and are logging our miles on the perimeter of the map this year. The map will be in the lobby. The county is about 180 miles so we will be showing laps in no time.  We expect to log many miles as we have walkers in our church family. Our Pastor is Ted Calkins was not able to be with us today but he emailed that he biked 24 miles for me to log in next time!

We will be logging again at end of the month!
Thanks for your encouragement!

Lyn Shepherd [lsheph@gmail.com]

September, 2011 (LET'S MOVE DAY)

Pine Tree Academy

The first annual Move-A-Thon was held at Pine Tree Academy on September 25th, 2011 coordinated by David Perkins . The day was stunningly beautiful! The Move-A-Thon was the kick-off event to raise funds and interest for Project Playground which will provide a safe and physically challenging play and exercise area for the students at Pine Tree Academy.  Those in attendance did a tremendous job showing their support for healthy lifestyle choices through exercise!  31 participated in the day’s events to accomplish: 65 miles walked, run and jogged, 94.5 miles bicycled, 10 miles unicycles and 1 mile hopped! Ages of participants ranged from 2 to 66 years.

Allegheny East Conference Churches Enjoy "Let's Move Day"

Up at 4:00 A.M. and hitting the street at 6:00 A.M. may not sound like fun to most people, but about 50 persons, including a 79 yearold woman from the West Philadelphia Church met Allegheny East Conference Health Ministries Director Leah Scott, along with their local Health Ministries Leader, Valerie Roach, to walk the walk on “Let’s Move Day.” The group began their day with a 20 minute exercise routine, worship, and then they were off; tackling the 32 city blocks between 46th St. and Haverford Avenue in West Philadelphia and its destination at 15th and Christian Streets in South Philadelphia. One would mistakenly think that there were large monetary prizes awaiting the winners of a marathon run, because the hype and the challenges kept flowing for the entire course of the walk. Pastor Colin Brathwaite and his wife, Jeannie, joined his West Philadelphia members on the entire walk. Members were given bus tokens so that they could ride back to the West Philadelphia Church. However, they were so excited about completing the initial walk to south Philadelphia that they refused to take public transportation back and decided to walk instead to return to the West Philadelphia Church, which amounted to more than seven miles for the total hike. Three energetic youths, Shamar, Michael, and Shaniece walked the route and did some calculations of time and distance. They registered 7,892 steps, one way, covering 3.7 miles, and it took them 56 minutes.

Why did the West Philadelphia Church decide to make the Ebenezer Church the termination destination of their “Let’s Move Day” activities? It was because the Ebenezer Seventh-day Adventist Church was celebrating its 100th birthday. The Ebenezer Church prides itself as the “mother church” in the Philadelphia area. Most of the Adventist churches established in the area were started as a result of church planting or evangelism by the Ebenezer Church. The fact that it was “Let’s Move Day” added to the excitement for both causes.

The West Philadelphia walkers joined the Ebenezer walkers and a large contingent of area Pathfinders drum corps, in uniform, in front of the Ebenezer Church. Gwen Foster, former Health Czar for the city of Philadelphia, and Linnell Fall, the Health Ministries Leader for the Ebenezer Church collaborated in putting together a parade, with police escort that walked 20 city blocks calling attention to the “Let’s Move Day” and the Ebenezer Church centennial.

Also present and still full of energy, and excited about the events of the day, was Leah Scott, who had walked from the West Philadelphia Church to the Ebenezer Church, where she joined the parade-marchers to walk the 20 city blocks.

While the activities were taking place in Philadelphia, there was plenty of activity gearing up for “Let’s Move Day” at Pine Forge Academy, where Audrey Booker, the academy school nurse and Kris Fielder, the academy Vice-principal, were about to lead the students on a three mile walk to commemorate the event. Students who participated were given community service credits and apples.

Don’t be weary, there is still more. If, you go back to the Ebenezer Church, where we left Leah Scott, you would have seen her, after finishing the parade, get in a car and head toward Wilmington, Delaware to join the events sponsored by the Sharon Temple Church, which decided to have a pre-evangelism health fair connected with “Let’s Move Day” activities, along with the walk. Pastor Donald McKinnie, the Associate pastor of the church was in full participation with his walkers.

There were other churches that celebrated “Let’s Move Day”, as well. In the Bay Area of New Jersey the health teams from Newtonville First Church, Dr. Olabody Ogidan, Health Ministries Leader, Seashore Church of Pleasantville Susan Andrews, Health Ministries Leader, and Williamstown, NJ (NJ Conference), Marsha Fields, Health Ministries Leader along with Faye Gregory, Bay Area Health Ministries Coordinator organized a walk at Parvin State Park in Pittsgrove, NJ. The walk averaged 5 miles.

The walk was a collaborative effort with local churches and the community. It began at 10:30 A.M. with prayer and an explanation of the purpose of “Let’s Move Day.” Before the walk began, Gregory, a sports trainer, led the participants in a gospel warm-up. Gregory also designed the walk to include interval training modifications so that persons walking could choose one of three teams; Pacesetters, Trailblazers or Warriors. Interval training consisted of mini sets of 10 exercises: squats, lunges, jumping jacks, bounce and twist. Each participant tracked their steps with pedometers. At the end of the walk the group concluded with a cool down and stretch. Before they could receive their healthy snacks that were provided, they had to listen to a short talk on health and fitness and why it is important.

In the Washington Metro Area, the Emmanuel Brinklow Church incorporated several events and activities to commemorate “Let’s Move Day”.

Janelle Phillips, a recent competitor in the women’s Ironman Competition gave a presentation during the Health Minute segment of worship in regards to the training she endured for that event. The activities included cycling, swimming and running. Result was a loss of almost 30 lbs. Fifteen members of the Brinklow fitness class, under the direction of Certified Personal Trainer, Michael Acham worked out vigorously with weights on “Let’s Move Day”. The group did toning and core exercises. Brinklow also conducts a similar class as a community outreach which meets twice weekly with roughly 25 members per week throughout the year involving members of the community.

Approximately 30 Pathfinders, not to be outdone, performed calisthenics for 30 minutes on “Let’s Move Day”.

10 members of the church walked 2.6 miles on the Brinklow Walking trail which goes around the 30 acre plot which will house the future Emmanuel Brinklow health and fitness campus. Participants included pastor, Dr. Anthony Medley, Dr. Reginald Barnes and the church’s head deaconess Hillreth Passmore. A number of church members were provided pedometers and agreed to enter their mileage and exercise programs stats on “Let’s Move Day”. However, results are still pending.

Our reporter moved next to the North Jersey Area where it was reported that twelve persons including the Health Ministries Leader Doug Goulding from the Teaneck First Church and the Wilbur Mays School walked 3 miles in the park on “Let’s Move Day.”

In Newark, New Jersey, 23 persons, including men, women and children from the Berean Church walked four laps around the park registering 4,000 steps on each pedometer. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, 16 persons, 9 adults and 7 children, from the Genesis Church cumulated 68 total miles of walking on “Let’s Move Day.” Pastor Ivor Keizer is the pastor of both churches and Donna Twiddle is the Health Ministries Leader for Berean Church and Valerie Lindie-Smith the Health Ministries Leader of Genesis Church.

From the Beth-El Church where Carl Hines is the pastor, we received the following eye-witness account of activities from Monica Fogarty, Beth-El Health Ministries Leader.

“Our set-up team arrived around 7:30 A.M. on “Let’s Move Day” at Audubon Park, across the street from the church. We set up a table with fruits; bananas, blueberries, grapes, oranges and water.

We started out at 8:30 A.M., with prayer; stretches/warm ups, which was led by our North Jersey Health Coordinator Shelly Paton-Lionel. There were 25 participants who carried Beth-El Let’s Move banners and plaques in a variety of colors. We had 3 adults and 4 children from the community. We walked a total 101 miles. Along the walk, we met many people who were curious about the purpose and meaning of “Let’s Move Day”, so we explain it to them. We also chanted Let’s Move for better health; to stop Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Alcohol addiction and to stay healthy, etc. We concluded at Audubon Park around 11:30 A.M., with a variety of activities which kept us moving. We used hula hoops, tennis, badminton, jump ropes, played ball and ate healthy snacks. The overall experience was motivating.”

Pastor Richard Campbell sent the following report about the activities that took place at his church “On “Let’s Move Day” 57 members of the Community Church in Englewood, New Jersey gathered at the new Overpeck Park in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, and, did they move! Many of the adults walked around the park along a trail which covered over 3 miles while the children played on the swings, rode their bikes and enjoyed all the equipment in the children's playground. Some adults played tennis while others participated in aerobic exercises. A great time was had by all who displayed enthusiasm for “Let’s Move Day” .

The Church of the Oranges, in Orange, New Jersey, reported having a group accumulate 20 miles while participating in a health fair on “Let’s Move Day”. Dr. Robert Kennedy is the pastor of the Church of the Oranges and Dianne Washington is the Health Ministries Leader.

The report from Gloria Mitchell the Health Ministries Leader concludes with a different kind of story out of the Shiloh Church in Petersburg Virginia where George Howard is the pastor. 11 members of his congregation, including his wife, Daphne, opted to do 1 hour of high impact aerobics with fitness expert Toni Piper Brunson. The different twist to the Shiloh report was that Sister Williemae Fields decided to walk some each day for 5 days in honor of “Let’s Move Day”, from September 21 to September 25. She totaled 32.7 miles, an average of 6.5 miles a day. Sister Fields is a card-carrying senior citizen. We won’t divulge her age. Sister Sandra Henry walked 11 miles during the same period.

The reports about events and activities are still rolling in. The Health Ministries Department will update you. Click here to see pictures from these events.

Article written by R. Booker
Manteca SDA Church - California

The Manteca SDA church is located in rural Central San Joaquin Valley.  For the past three years, the church membership has been on the move to establish collaborative relationships in the community and to improve the health of community residents and congregants.  In 2008, the church launched a five (5) week CHIP (coronary health improvement project) and expects to present the fourth annual CHIP community project in 2012. There's approximately forty (40) CHIP alumni which includes church members & community residents. 

On September 23-25, 2011,  nearly 300 people including volunteers attended the Manteca SDA Health Emphasis Weekend.  At Friday night vespers, Dr. George Chen kept the audience spellbound on "How to Live to Be 100" and the Manteca Adventist Academy & guest vocalists presented a mini concert.  All of the Sabbath services focused on living a healthy lifestyle & a scrumptious vegetarian lunch was served .  The health emphasis weekend culminated with a "Take Charge of Your Health & Let's Move Day!" health fair.   To celebrate Let's Move Day!, a fitness pavilion was erected which included senior movement exercises, hula hoop group exercise, exercise for the unfit, chiropractic, strengthening & flexibility.  InShape health club provided one of the information booths.  The health fair consisted of health lectures, information booths, dental screening, Kidzone, Jamba Juice, St. Joseph Medical CareVan for glucose & blood pressure screening, Chef Rudy fruit carving, American Red Cross, several physical activity specialists, healthy food demonstrations, & healthy refreshments for sale.  The KidZone included a jumper and lots of information on nutrition, handwashing, dental care, prizes,  fun play & physical  activity games. Both the Manteca Police Gang Unit & Fire Department did a "show & tell" in the Kid Zone.  Also, the Stockton Mayfair and Central SDA churches provided information booths & health lectures.  The Manteca Spanish Congregation, Escalon & Tracy SDA churches provided volunteer support & equipment. 
The Manteca SDA church reports 65 total physical activity miles for the "Let's Move Day!" for the Kid Zone &  adult fitness pavilion.  We praise God for a fun filled weekend & an awesome Health Ministries Planning Team!
Sponsorships, Awards, & Gifts:
Elder Gordon Botting's office provided Vibrant Life Magazines to distribute in the participant gift bags & a monetary donation.  First 5 San Joaquin administration office provided informational gift bags. The Manteca SDA church was recently certified as a First 5 San Joaquin Faith Based Community site and received a $1,000 award to provide nutrition and health education and literacy readiness to the community.  The Arthritis Foundation & Sacramento Health  Education Council provided health literature. Jamba Juice will donate 20% of their sales to the Manteca church. 

Apopka SDA Church Florida

We at the Apopka SDA Church Florida joyfully participated in the Let’s Move Day Activity.  And what excitement it generated among our members!About 40 kids from our pre K to 5 year old program, Learning Tree Academy, with staff, parents and community volunteers enjoyed a wonderfulday in nature walking the nature trail, playing games, exercising and other physical activities.  To climax the event they enjoyed a healthy snack provided by the LTA staff and parents.
While on their Pathfinder campout weekend,  about 35 Pathfinders and staff spent about 8 hours outdoors, backpacking, jogging, running, and being involved in numerous other activities.
Several of our members enjoyed a beautiful sunny day participating in the LMD at Fields of Fame Park in Apopka, FL.  They enjoyed walking/jogging the 1 mile trail, some as many as 7 miles.  Among the participates was 3 year old Cylin, who walked the entire trail with her parents; several youth, Pastor Moreno and ElmerMalcolm, former president Northern New England Conference, who was visiting.  All who participated enjoyed the activities and hope that it will berepeated often.
Boulevard Seventh-Day Adventist Church - Philadelphia
The Boulevard Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania recently started their Heaven Bound Adventurer and Pathfinder Club. Jillian Lewis Mcfall is the Adventurer Director, and Sana Daniel Khokhar is the Pathfinder Director. We started on the 4th of September 2011 with 13 adventurers and 17 Pathfinders. For Let's Move Day, the Pathfinders did a 5 mile hike and Adventurers did a 2 mile hike.
Capital Brazilian Temple - Maryland
The Capital Brazilian SDA Temple in Fulton, Maryland had adults and children come together at the Centennial Park, in Columbia, MD to participate in a 5K run/walk. They participated in different activities such as bicycling, running, and walking. The 70 participants were very excited as they reached the finish line an. It was a blessed day.

Sioux Falls SDA Church - South Dakota
We had 25 people from the Sioux Falls SDA church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota participate in a walk/bike event starting at 10 am and ending around 1pm.  Some of walked 2.5 miles each way  and others biked their way around town.  We were blessed with beautiful weather and our Social committee  provided fruits and water for our efforts.  As Health Ministries Director I also took some blood pressures prior  to the event and found one person to have elevated numbers.
Saguaro Hills SDA Christian School - Arizona
Let's Move Day activity with Saguaro Hills SDA Christian School in Tucson, AZ. We met at 8 am and walked a 3 mile circuit, then joined as a group to walk around in the Reid Park Zoo for another mile. We had 59 join our group for a fun filled day. 
New Jersey Conference - New Jersey
Let's Move Day event held at the New Jersey Conference office. Several churches and schools around the conference held events, but this event was offered for those that did not have a local event. There were 8 participants who walked a total of 36 miles. One participant was heard to say, "I thought there would be 200 people here. There should have been 200 people here!"  Next year.

Shiloh SDA Church - South Carolina

On September 25, 2011, Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Church Health Ministries Department in Charleston, SC joined thousands of Seventh-day Adventists throughout North America for Let’s Move Day activities. 

Our Let’s Move Day activity was a 5K run/walk in beautiful Hampton Park in historic downtown Charleston, SC.  Our fifty participants were blessed with beautiful weather and we completed a total of 242 miles.  The event was so enjoyable, the Health Ministries Department has decided to make it an annual event.

We are dedicated to Adventists InStep for Life and helping NAD Health Ministries reach its goal of 1-million miles of activity to bring awareness to childhood obesity.  In addition to our Let’s Move Day activities, we have a weekly Zumba class that is not only helping us to provide fun, healthy activities for church and community members, but we are also earning aerobic miles toward meeting this goal.  According to Charmaine Cohen, Shiloh Health Ministries Leader, “we have set a personal goal to complete 1,000 miles by September, 2012 and we will be providing monthly organized activities to encourage families and individuals to Get Fit, Stay Fit.”

Ebenezer SDA Church - Philadelphia

We were walking our first mile but our goal was 100. I had joined Gwen Foster, the former Philadelphia health czar, in her plan to get everybody moving. She had gotten members of her Seventh Day Adventist church and others in Philadelphia and Camden to publicly support First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to fight childhood obesity.

Gwen Foster, Philadelphia's former Health Czar; Mrs. Obesity Jones who has lost and kept off 125 lbs; with publicist Angela Crockett.

From left: Gwen Foster, Philadelphia's former health czar; Obesity Jones, who lost and kept off 125 pounds, and publicist Angela Crockett.

Foster linked the Let’s Move efforts to celebrate the 100th birthday of her church, Ebenezer SDA church in South Philadelphia, which was started in 1911. She asked each participant to commit to walking at least one mile each day for 100 days. On Sunday, we walked two miles – along Christian Street in Philadelphia from the church at 14th Street to 25th Street and back. Several residents came to their doors to cheer us on and check out what was going on. With their children, they tapped to music provided by the church’s Pathfinder’s drum corps.

Southwest Philadelphia Pathfinder's Drum Corp lead the walkers along Christian Street from 14th to 25th Streets and back.

The Pathfinder's Drum Corp leads walkers along Christian Street from 14th to 25th Streets and back.

The walk was a mini-tour of Black institutions in South Philadelphia. The Universal Communities Organic Garden was diagonally across from the church. We passed through the Marian Anderson Historic District and went by the First African Baptist Church, built in 1909. Some walkers – like those from a West Philadelphia church led by Leah Scott, health ministries director for Allegheny East, and fitness coach Valarie Roach – knocked off eight miles in a round trip that started at 45th Street and Haverford Avenue. Fitness coach Emilio Roman had us doing movement activities while walking.

"Catch that ball as you walk!" says Emilio, fitness instructor.

"Catch that ball as you walk!" said Emilio Roman, fitness instructor.

It was a morning full of festivities, including drum and vocal solos. There were service agencies offering gifts: The American Diabetes Association and United Healthcare. There were religious leaders from various denominations: African Methodist Episcopal, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist. There were testimonials about eating differently, and getting off diabetes and blood pressure medications. Most powerful was Obesity Jones, who has lost 125 pounds and illustrated the change on a sandwich board showing before and after pictures.

Fitness instructor Emilio Roman and Leah Scott of Allegheny East keep the walkers moving in lots of different ways.

And there was food! Chef Johnetta Frazier with her team of “Chefs in red who serve green” provided what seemed to be never -ending trays of tasty and healthy plant-based dishes. There were waffles with fresh fruit purees, taco salad, scrambled “tofu” eggs, granola parfait and fresh fruit. And of course, bottles and bottles of water.

In 2002, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia stated that 36 percent of all children between 2 and 17 years of age were at risk for obesity and 23 percent were obese. These statistics are mirrored in many communities across the country.

Let’s turn those statistics around by helping everyone, especially young children, to move. Philadelphia is a Let’s Move city. Are you moving? Is your family moving? “Let’s Move!” “Let’s Move!” “Let’s Move!”

Luso Brazilian SDA Church - New Jersey

The Luso Brazilian SDA Church in New Jersey had 36 people participating in the Let's Move Day event, including children and teenagers. We walked 4.2 miles which a total of 151.2 miles!

SDA Church in Canada - Canada
Delegates from all over Canada gathered in Oshawa for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada's Quinquennial Session this past weekend. Their schedule was packed with bylaws committees and late night meetings, but they managed to find some time on September 25 to participate in the Let's Move! initiative of the North American Division (NAD). Newly re-elected SDACC president Mark Johnson and NAD president Dan Jackson led 147 delegates on a walk from College Park Church to the King Fitness Complex on the campus of Kingsway College, where they would be having lunch that day. The participants of the walk took a total of 120, 540 steps, or approximately 189.17 km.

Waldorf SDA Church - Maryland
Waldorf SDA church sponsored a "count your steps" walk for one hour on Sunday 9/25 from 930 am to 10 30 am for "Lets Move Day. Of the 200 + regularly attending members, we had a turn out of 65 men,women and children participating. Together we accomplished 221 miles that day.Praise the Lord for his blessings.Everyone was so eager that we committed to continue individually daily for thirty minutes, and as a church event twice a month.Thank you for your encouragement and support. Let's continue to pray for each other.

Normandie Ave SDA Church - Oregon

The North American Division has set aside Sunday, September 25, 2011 as Let’s Move Day. North American Division's goal is to get as many people possible involved in physical activity on that day. Wheels of Glory Cycling, based out of the Normandie Ave SDA Church, will join with Major Motion Recreational Cycling Club at Liberty Park in Cerritos, CA to Irvine and back via the coastline through Newport Beach. Wheels of Glory Cycling is proud to announce that Darrell Harrington logged 82.50 Miles and Virgil Thompson logged 100.07 Miles all in honor of "Let's Move" Day. Way to Move! In 2012,The North American Division has set aside Sunday, September 23 as Let’s Move Day.

Let´s Move Day El Sereno Spanish Church - Southern California Conference

Hiking at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, CA - OUR hike had 24 people (including myself, as coordinator), each 7 miles, total: 168 miles Gardener: 1 worker in the garden, total: 1 mile (that´s 30 minutes to an hour) Soccer: 16 players, 4 miles each, total: 64 miles (2 from El Sereno church, 5 non-sdas, remaining from Lincoln Heights and Glassell Park SDA) Susan G. Kroman Relay for Life: 3 walkers-joggers: 2 at 6.5 miles and one at 6 miles, total: 19 miles.   RECAP OF MILES: 252.
Yes!  Amazing!  Praise God.  Well, on Sabbath, I was rallying the the troops, kindly coercing those that were undecided, and trying to enthuse those that do not like to wake up early on Sundays.  To my surprise, 24 showed up, some from as far as Santa Paula.  So we had 5 from Ventura County come down to Los Angeles.  A young lady in that group is non SDA, but a relative.  They had to leave Santa Paula by 6 AM to make it on time.  We also had a visitor from Santa Maria, California, who happened to be visiting her sisters, and she was brought along for the hike!  In total, we had 24 hikers, and 15 of them were first timers with our group.
The group was not told how many miles we were going to attempt to achieve (I knew it was going to be 7 miles round trip) because I did not want to scare them. We arrived at Fern Dell, and everyone was anxious to begin.  I told them this:  Okay, our first goal is to reach the observatory.  At that point, if anyone feels they need to return, they can, and they will have completed 3 miles roundtrip.  If you reach the observatory and want to continue to the top of the next peak, then continue."
Well, EVERYONE continued.  Here comes the amazing part.  We had with us one lady who has been ill for a long time.  A long-term illness.  She barely moves because of her weak condition.   I couldn't believe she came.  I was at first, fearful as to whether or not it was a good idea that she join us, but I did not want that to hinder the walk, so we set out.  I told them:  This is not a race to the top.  It is not about who gets the first.  It is about exercise.  Do what you can.  Listen to your body.  We will wait for you or find you when we come back down.
Bonnie, she made it all the way to the top. Yes, she did.  We had someone stay with her as a companion.  As we headed back down, they asked:  Okay, how many miles, Sister Huerta.  I smiled, and said:  All of you will have walked 7 miles when you get back to the starting point.  They were SHOCKED!  They couldn't believe it.  When we made it back, we gathered around to give thanks and I brought this special sister to the center, and I asked:  How do you feel?  And she said, well, as you know, my blood pressure went down when I was hiking up, I didn't think I was going to make it, but as soon as I got to the point where I felt the cool breeze, I regained strength.  I have never walked more than 2 miles in my entire life, and I can't believe I did 7 miles. I am so happy. I feel wonderful.
Betty, I almost wanted to cry.  (She is in the 9th picture, with the short hair, sunglasses and beige sweat jacket).  We all cheered her, and we were so proud of her, and we were thankful that God kept us all safe, and no one was injured, and we had a wonderful time.  And those that tended to sleep in on Sundays, and had not ever participated in our hikes were very thankful that they came.  They want to keep doing this, and that is what this was all about.  
AND, our pastor, not wanting to miss out on Soccer Sunday, joined us at the park to initiate the hike, hiked up all the way to the observatory (roundtrip) and then took off to join the soccer players in Eagle Rock !

Dallas Fellowship SDA Church and Friends - Texas
Let's Move Day at Tommie Allen Park.
Thank you all so much for coming out and supporting Lets Move Day!  Although the high wind and allergies got to some of us, the group as a total did 41 miles.  Please stay tuned for a plan to continue our goal of activity and information about the mileage awards that will be given this year.  They range from 100 miles/person to 2000 miles.  I will also bring copies of the Adventist in step for life Physical Activity Log form that shows what activities add up to equivalent miles that you can count.  I would like to give a special thanks to Katie and Edward Mullins, their daughter Angela, La Rhonda, Velma Taylor and all the individuals that participated in handing out flyers Sabbath.  I would like to say a special thanks to Ms. Helen and her daughter Destiny, Kawana, Marcia, friends of my family, who helped on Sabbath and on Lets Move Day, who helped because they saw the need and they are visitors to our church.  Also, thanks to our First Elder, Rose Flanagan who came, walked and also brought her grandkids Sharailyn and Caila; our faithful Bible Worker Sr. Merlene Harris, Susan Meyers who adds fun to any group, Ben Meyers family with Monica, BJ, Marcus and little Amelia.  And I cannot forget Michael Cornelius who took a bus from North Dallas to be with us.  
I would like to thank Katie Reinert (NAD Health Ministries Director) for her part in developing this program and taking on the Michelle Obama initiative to fight childhood obesity, a huge problem in this country and in this state.  Please also stay tuned to our church's effort to develop the community garden program and to modify our lessons on diet and nutrition, similar to Dr. Elvin Adams (Best Weigh), for children. Thanks also to the Seniors who walked, I believe Mrs. Dora Williams, was probably our oldest Senior and she did great!  Again, a supreme thanks from my heart to each and everyone that came out for support and to everyone who participated.  Thanks also to the City of Dallas  Parks and Recreation for their support.  All in all it was a great day and a beginning for our church to start reaching out to a community that can use all the help we can provide!
Gloria Meyers
Health Ministries 

Enterprise Seventh-Day Adventist church - Oregon

The Enterprise Seventh-Day Adventist church organized a bicycle ride from Joseph, Oregon to the Hells Canyon overlook on September 25 to provide local support for the national SDA Let's Move Day initiative.  Automobile and motorcycle support and food were provided by members of the local Seventh-day Adventist Church to help keep riders safe and assist with any technical difficulties and haul water for refilling cyclists water bottles.  A delicious picnic meal was served at the Ollokot campground. 
Some interesting details:
  • 13 riders ranging in age from 15 years of age (twin boys) to 73 years old.
  • Many of the riders were from the local community.
  • Local riders and a group from Pasco, Washington
  • No flat tires or other technical problems
  • Cyclists encountered cattle being moved down the Imnaha highway
  • Two bear cubs crossed the road in front of one cyclist
  • Variable weather:  sunny, windy, cloudy, a few sprinkles.
  • Long uphill grades
  • Fast downhill speeds – some cyclists clocked speeds in excess of 45 mph
  • No wolves sighted (Ha!)
  • Total elevation gain 7442’, elevation loss 5646’
  • One rider completed the round trip distance of approximately 100 miles. The rest did approximately 55 miles each 
  • Plan to do it annually (different routes).
  • Support crew: Dan and Kathy Webster, Steve and Merrilou Gilmore, Ed and Cammie Powers, Linda Rice, Ken and Lana Rose.

Lenoir City SDA Church - Tennessee
More than 150 elementary and middle school children climbed, stretched, kicked, ran, dribbled, jump roped and pedaled their way through Let’s Move Day in Lenoir City, Tenn., an event focused on helping them get active in many different ways. Adding in their parents and about 80 volunteers and sponsors, approximately 350 participants were involved in the event, which took place over a two-hour period on Sunday afternoon.

The Lenoir City Adventist Church coordinated Let's Move Day, which was also sponsored by the local hospital, Fort Loudoun Medical Center, and two local credit unions. It featured 17 activity stations spread along .8 mile of city greenway. Children received free backpacks, frisbees, bandannas and a medal for completing the events—they were also put into a drawing for free bicycles and a pool party. Nearly 50 percent of Lenoir City Elementary School students are overweight or obese, so Let's Move Day gave us an opportunity to introduce a healthier way of life to the community in an appealing way.

The event, however, grew way beyond our earliest expectations. We weren't even aware of Sept. 25 until the health ministries leader of the Georgia Cumberland conference, E.W. Dempsey, called our church's health leader, Nancy Wheeler, about eight weeks before Let's Move Day to tell her we should make plans to participate. Since we have an incredible greenway, park and athletic fields in Lenoir City—a small town on the outskirts of Knoxville, Tenn.—we decided to plan a series of activities for kids along that stretch.

We called the local hospital, where the marketing director was enthusiastic about the plan and pledged support. From there we signed on the local public school system's health coordinator and family resource center—which helped with promoting the event in the schools—and began recruiting organizations to sponsor and host the activities. Each phone call seemed to open more leads, and within about six weeks we had 17 activity stations and had raised more than $800 in local sponsorships.

Stations featured different types of exercises as well as gardening, a fitness and medical check and a “make your own granola” stand. The stations were coordinated by organizations ranging from the University of Tennessee—which supplied a climbing wall, bike-powered smoothie maker and two college basketball players—to local businesses such as The Rush, Earth Fare, Curves and a TaeKwonDo instructor. Other participants included the Lenoir City school system and fire department, Southern Adventist University’s Gym Masters and Georgia Cumberland Health Ministries Director E.W. Dempsey. In addition to the activity sponsors, two groups of volunteers from the local high school came to help, and church members recruited friends and family to assist in staffing the event.

God really opened door after door to make possible an event led by a very small church that most people had never heard of —we have 70-80 in attendance each week—that was able to connect with the community on many different levels. Every step of the way, it became clearer how much God cares about the kids in our town, how much He wants them to be healthy and happy and how He is using the Let's Move initiative to form relationships and show the people of Lenoir City how much He loves them. For those of us coordinating the event, it felt like God already had everything laid out, ready and waiting for us to make the first move.
Let's Move Day already has gotten so much positive feedback from participants as well as sponsors, who expressed appreciation for an opportunity to be involved in raising awareness for this growing national health crisis.
“(Fort Loudoun Medical Center) is so excited to be apart of this and think it is just simply fantastic,” Ashley Hankla, marketing coordinator for the hospital, wrote me in an email. “We can't thank the Lenoir City Adventist Church enough for letting us be apart of something so vital to the healthcare future of our kids!"

We're now praying about how best to follow up with the kids who came—we have 156 names and addresses to pray and plan for. I will continue to remain involved with the Lenoir City Elementary school's health coordination office as part of classwork for a degree I'm pursuing in public health through Loma Linda University's online graduate program. That project also will be focused on childhood obesity and will partner with our church on a couple of community-based outreach activities to educate parents on active living and healthy eating. In addition, we are planning ways to improve the health of our church family as a follow-up to this event.

By the way, we consider this to be our inaugural Let's Move Day event. Everybody is already talking about what we're going to do next year!

—By Larisa Brass, Lenoir City Seventh-day Adventist Church

August, 2011
  • The Kettering Adventist Church Health Ministry team, under the guidance of their Faith Community Nurse, Mel Miller, will be doing a Community Garden project on Sabbath August 20 and Sunday August 21. Kettering church members are encouraged to bring excess garden produce to church on Sabbath to be delivered to the McKinley United Methodist Church in downtown Dayton on Sunday. A farmer’s market will be set up and produce will be sold for a minimum fee. All proceeds from the farmer’s market will be donated to the McKinley UMC to use as they wish.

July, 2011
  • Orlando Junior Academy (OJA), in Orlando, Florida, utilizes a number of creative ways to get students “in step for life.”  Pre-K through eighth grade students participate in a schoolyard garden that won first place in the 2011 Florida School Garden Competition (see http://gardeningsolutions.ifas.ufl.edu/schoolgardens/ for more information on the competition and garden resources) and was also certified as a wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation due to the wildlife that the garden supports during the year.  Students were able to share their 
  • garden experience and expertise at their Open Garden event held on the first day of spring.  OJA also creates healthy eating experiences for students through partnerships with local Chef Kevin Fonzo, who volunteers to provide students with healthy vegetarian food as part of First Lady Obama’s campaign “Chefs Move to School,” and with nutritionist, food writer, and raw food chef Sara Cahill, who will be teaching a cooking class elective for grades 5-8.  In addition, the school is working with Dr. Angela Fals and dietitian Tamara Dorway from Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 Children to provide every student with a fun, exciting and hands-on nutrition health curriculum. 

June, 2011
  • Students from the School of Nutrition and Dietetics have started a garden committee and a vegetable garden on the campus of Loma Linda University. The idea for the garden, named the Nichol Hall Sprouts Garden, came out of a student project and has inspired support from the LLU President, the School of Public Health, the School of Allied Health Professions, LLU landscaping services, and many others.  With the support of faculty like Dr. Bert Connell, students also prepare a delicious free community meal using produce from the garden as a way to promote more servings of vegetables and healthier eating in their community.  As student Anny Hung stated during the groundbreaking, “This is a way to establish community building.  It’s amazing what you can do with just food.” 
  • The Cleburne Adventist Christian School, located in Cleburne, Texas, proves that even a small church school with 22 students can make a big difference in the health of our youth.  School Principal Cindy Read and teachers Bette Hambright and Maryon Westerman have developed an excellent physical activity program, including an hour a day of physical activity that begins with running one mile and then moves into playing basketball or other activities.  Students accumulate credits and earn awards for participation.
  • Atholton Adventist Academy, a K-10 school in Columbia, Maryland, received first place in the state of Maryland for the President's Physical Fitness Challenge during the 2009-2010 school year.  More than 50% of the students met or exceeded the criteria in the designated categories.  Principal Marilyn Peeke, MPH, states that they are aiming for an even higher percentage this school year.  Led by teachers Randy Nomura and Marty Chedalavada, 80 students ages 6-17 won the President’s Physical Fitness Award.  Physical education is required for all students, and participation encouraged in the after-school intramural sports program.  Another factor contributing to the school’s emphasis on physical fitness is teacher involvement.  Peeke  reports that “more than half of our teachers now have regular workout programs, which have allowed them to achieve goals such as weight loss and strength improvement.” She is very enthusiastic about Adventists InStep for Life and hopes that more schools will renew their commitment for teaching and living health principles.

May, 2011
  • The Simi Valley Hospital and Simi Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church have partnered together in sponsoring a community garden.  Called SIMI at the Garden, the project is on 2.3 acres donated by the church.  Church members, school parents and staff members, and local gardeners came out for the Simi Valley Community Garden’s inaugural work day, volunteering to dig beds and build several planter boxes.  The school’s students planted two large vegetable garden beds.  Four small flower beds, containing the letters S-I-M-I spelled out in white rock, were also created to serve as a sign at the garden’s entrance. Garden plans include a fountain, picnic tables, and 200 10x20 foot plots that community members can cultivate for a small annual fee.  To learn how your church can start a community garden, click here.  

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