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Active Lifestyle Awards Goal

Our Goal

  • 60% of Adventist students will achieve the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (United States only) or NAD Active Lifestyle Award

Presidential Active Lifestyle Awards
(United States only) - Schools

The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) is a challenge for both children and adults to build healthy habits by committing to regular physical activity five days a week, for six weeks. Participating in the President’s Challenge is one way for kids to become more physically active and help America solve the challenge of childhood obesity. The Active Lifestyle Program is designed to help people make a commitment to staying active and sticking to it. Almost any activity counts as long as it involves moving the large muscle groups in the body. It helps adults get active at least 30 minutes a day/five days per week and youth ages 6-17 active at least 60 minutes a day/five days per week. Teachers, parents, youth leaders, Pathfinder Directors and others working with students can use this program in many different settings.

Here are a few suggestions on making it a success.

  • Sign up your organization for the PALA Challenge.
  • Expain the goal of the program.  Students need to understand why staying active is important.  You should also share this goal with other teachers, parents and recreation leaders.
  • Encourage students.  Try to offer as much flexibility for students as possible.  Include activities that don't requrie equipment or group participation.  Encourage outdoor activities.  When possible, distribute awards in a public setting to give wide recognition to students who have completed the program.
  • Explain what's required.  The idea behind the Active Lifestyle Program is to let students find activities they like.  The goal is for students to meet their daily activity goal (60 minutes a day) at least 5 days a week, for a total of 6 weeks (taking up to 8 weeks to complete the program).
  • Complete the activity log.  Have students track their progress with the online activity log or on paper by downloading an activity log.
  • Create a little friendly competition.  Between school classrooms, faculty and staff, Sabbath School classes, etc.
  • Order awards.  Visit the PALA website for information on how to order awards for your students.

NAD Active Lifestyle Awards

In addition to the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award described above, the North American Division has also created an Active Lifestyle Award for recognizing individual achievement in maintaining an active lifestyle. This is especially useful outside the United States, although any individual or organization in the NAD may participate.

Individual adults and children may achieve award certificates every 13 weeks, as follows:

  • Bronze Award Certificate (and / or medal) for reaching 100 miles
  • Silver Award Certificate for reaching 150 miles
  • Gold Award Certificate for reaching 200 miles
  • Platinum Award Certificate for reaching 250 miles

In addition, individuals that are very goal-oriented may be inducted into the 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 mile clubs after completing the respective number of physical activity miles in one year

Your local coordinator may print the award certificates from the Adventists InStep for Life website. Besides certificates, your organization may purchase pins, caps, t-shirts, and other Adventists InStep for Life items to use in recognizing the achievements of your participants.

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