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Community Gardens & Farmers' Markets Goal

Our Goal

  • Start 100 vegetable gardens or farmers' markets (at least one church and school garden or market per conference)

During the current economic challenges, now is the time to consider planting a community vegetable garden or starting a farmers’ market for those without access to fresh fruits and vegetables and as a constructive way in which to involve your youth. Many churches and schools have open acreage and many towns have unutilized plots of ground. This project will make its way to the tables of the impoverished, enabling their budgets to go farther than anticipated.

Steps for Starting a Community Garden

Community Garden Resources

Start a Farmers' Market

Note: the following message is from the national 'Let's Move' initiative.




Dear Friends,
Thank you for joining us on Wednesday for our call about resources for community gardening.  Here are the follow-up materials:
Have a great community garden project? We’d love to hear about it! Please email us at collaborate@usda.gov to share your story.

Farmers Market Promotion Program Grants

Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan has announced that USDA is seeking 2012 grant applications for the Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP).

FMPP grants are administered through USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service and aim to increase the availability of local agricultural products in communities and strengthen farmer-to-consumer marketing. Additional consideration will be given to projects that expand healthy food choices in food deserts or low-income areas. 

Click here for more information on applying for a Farmers Market Promotion Program grant.  Applications must be submitted to grants.gov no later than May 21st, 2012. For grant questions, please email usdafmppquestions@ams.usda.gov or call (202) 720-8317.

Preparing a competitive federal grant application takes time, research, and careful preparation, so don’t delay and get started today!

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