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Ideas for Schools

The North American Division has set the following 4 annual goals for Adventists InStep for Life:

Increase physical activity by:
  1. Accumulating 2 million physical activity miles through walking and other physical activities
  2. 60% of Adventist students achieving the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (United States only) or NAD Active Lifestyle Award
Focus on nutrition and increased fruit and vegetable servings by:
  1. Launching 100 summer feeding sites (at least one church and one school site per conference)
  2. Starting 100 vegetable gardens or farmer’s markets (at least one church and one school garden or market per conference)
Engage kids, youth, parents, schools and the community in working together to fight obesity
Download the toolkit.

Below is a list of ideas to jumpstart your team’s brainstorming as you explore ways your school can get involved in addressing childhood obesity. Click here to learn more about starting an Adventists InStep for Life team.
  • Form a team and choose a coordinator.
  • Include information about nutrition and active lifestyle in newsletters, bulletin boards, assemblies and classes with the goal to implant positive attitudes toward healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Include BMI monitoring in school preventive health examinations.
  • Add nutrition, physical activity and healthy living awareness to lesson plans. The following resources may be helpful in integrating the Adventists InStep for Life initiative into Adventist curriculum:Give Your School a Food Makeover, Mission Nutrition: Adventures in Learning Created by Canadian Dietitians, Choose My Plate, Grow It, Try It, Like It, Classroom Gardening Projects, Physical Education Grades K-12: Curriculum Guide & Resource Manual, Exercise Programs for Teens: Ideas for Academy Physical Education Classes
  • Set a walking goal for your school and offer awards for the highest “steppers.”
  • Increase physical activity requirements and encourage students to earn the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award or NAD Active Lifestyle Award.
  • Offer intramural sports and physical activity clubs that are open to all students, regardless of skill or athletic ability.
  • Promote minutes of guided physical activity during class time or breaks using the Hope Channel's Parker's Puzzle series of videos for kids.
  • Offer a 8-week SuperFit Family Challenge for families of your students or community (healthproducts@FLHosp.org)
  • Provide healthy foods in school lunches, cafeterias, vending machines and school functions.
  • Offer an afterschool 21-day fitness challenge to get children into the habit of outdoor play after school.
  • Consider non-food or healthy food options for fundraisers. 
  • Organize a 5K run/walk, bike-a-thon or a summer sports camp in your community.
  • Promote walking or biking to school
  • Connect families in your school to WIC and SNAP nutrition programs.
  • Celebrate Walk to School day and month in October.
  • Engage students in gleaning programs.
  • Plan a Healthy Living Week for your school.
  • Give parents helpful information for fostering healthy choices at home.
  • Take the Healthier US School Challenge.
  • Start a community vegetable garden and invite students, parents, neighbors and people who don’t have their own space to grow food. 
  • Consider community service projects that help students be active and encourage others to be active and healthy, such as participating in a CROP Hunger Walk to raise awareness about hunger.
  • Conferences can recognize schools that are successfully implementing the Adventists InStep for Life initiatives.
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