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Let's Move Day 2015 Stories

Pleasant Hill SDA Church - Pleasant Hill, California
Pleasant Hill SDA Instep Program had a great day participating in the NAD Let's Move Day. 11 ladies started at the church and walked to downtown Pleasant Hill. We stopped at Jamba Juice to spend those gift cards for the first 5 people signing up for the event. We then walked back to the church. This was a total of 5 miles. A great time was had by all. The next Let's Move Day is already scheduled for Sept 18, 2016. See you there!!

First SDA Church - West Palm Beach, Florida
The First Seventh-Day Adventist Church, West Palm Beach, FL Health Ministry, sponsored the Annual "Let's Move Day" on September 20, 2015. Our attendance included members of our church, other SDA churches, and community participants from a Nursing College, Care Hope College for a total of 26. Some ran, walked, and cycled for a total of 87.125 miles. Other activities included the Hula-Hoop.

Let’s Move “Austin” - Austin, Texas
Against the backdrop of a beautiful sunrise, eighty plus brave souls gathered on a cool Sunday morning at Lake Pflugerville. Old and young, the members from the Greater Austin churches came for Let’s Move Day. After a short devotion and prayer, the group headed out on the three mile loop around the lake. Some walked. Some ran. Some ran fast. Some went around more than once. Some stayed behind for low impact group exercises. And some may have never walked three miles all at once before today. 

All had a wonderful time mingling with each other and other members from the Greater Austin area churches in the midst of the wonderful scenery around the lake. A healthy breakfast was provided for all participants at the end of the walk/run/exercise. We also had a “men’s push up challenge” to see who could do the most push-ups. A few took the kayaks out onto the lake to tool around. A soccer ball and goal posts appeared and an “adults versus kids” game soon materialized. 

By the time it was all over, anyone and everyone who fussed about having to wake up early on a Sunday, or, some other excuse, acknowledged that they actually had a great time. All are looking forward to the next event. See you at our next event, or see you in Heaven!

El Paso Hosts “Let’s Move Day” - El Paso, Texas
By: Norma Rivera, RN MN

“Let’s Move Day” is a health initiative of Adventist Instep for Life promoting physical activity and has occurred every September for the last five years. It is in collaboration with the “Let’s Move” campaign of First Lady Michelle Obama to fight the epidemic of obesity in the nation.

El Paso, Texas hosted the flagship event for this year’s “Let’s Move Day.” El Paso opened the events a week early with a “Free Clinic/Health Expo” on September 13 at El Paso Adventist Junior Academy.  Services included medical consultation, cooking shows, health screening for diabetes and hypertension. Other services included foot care, massage, haircut, hydrotherapy, and mental, lifestyle and spiritual counseling.    About seventy volunteers from the community and area Seventh-day Adventist churches participated.  Churches that participated were El Paso Central, Northeast, Montana Spanish and Clint SDA churches.  It was a joy to see churches coming together for a purpose. Over 140 clients were served.  Although small compared to San Antonio’s Pathways to Health, it was indeed the beginning of the vision  “Every Church -  a Center for Health, Healing and Wholeness.”

This was followed the next weekend with a Health Weekend Retreat September 18-19. A team from the North American Division (NAD), Southwestern Union Conference (SWUC) and Texico Conference headed by Katia Reinert,  NAD Health Director/General Conference Associate Health Director, provided seminars during the weekend.  Choices for a full life, sacrificial service, and transformational ministry were echoed over and over.  It was a spirit filled weekend with several churches participating in the program.  El Paso Central Church was awarded a plaque from NAD for exemplary leadership in Health Ministries.

The events climaxed on Sunday,September 20  for the Mckelligon Canyon Challenge.  It was still dark when a group of volunteers steadily came onto the canyon grounds.  Like busy bees, they hurried to do their designated tasks using flashlights and headlamps in the dark.  Soon the registration station was flooded with people wanting to pick up their race packets.  Many more wanted to register for the race. It was fun for all ages as cheerleaders from local high schools and mascots greeted the finishers.  The first 300 5K runners received a finisher medal.  At the finish line there were tables loaded with fruits, healthy food and water for everyone.

Special guests coming from Health and Human Services, NAD, SWUC and Texico Conference presented the awards for the winners by age groups. Six hundred ten individuals registered for the event. This was the largest participation in the four years of race history. Fifty percent of the participants were non-Adventist.   Over 600 health books were placed in the race packets.  A total of 1773 miles were logged in for “Let’s Move Day”.  

As the events came to an end, we can only hold onto the memories of a joyous crowd wearing green and blue shirts. More than 700 people converged at the canyon that day. The Lord be praised for the success, team spirit and camaraderie! El Paso on the Move has been joining the “Let’s Move Day” together with local SDA churches for 4 years now.  It has been an eye opener for the many opportunities it can provide for the church to mingle with the local community.

The health message is the entering wedge of the gospel.   Only eternity will tell the impact of this event. Many more will be reached that would not be reached through preaching alone.  Ellen White said, “Soon there will be no need for ministerial lines, only the medical work in the end”. 

Patterson Avenue SDA Church - Richmond, Virginia
Participants in the fourth annual Let’s Move Day, Adventists InStep for Life 2K/5K Run/Walk-a-thon were greeted with friendly faces and perfect fall weather. A sea of green flooded the neighborhood on September 20 as over 350 people in lime green t-shirts engaged in this fun experience at the Patterson Avenue Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church. The Let’s Move Day annual event emphasizes the importance of regular exercise and a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to promote a healthy, happy life.

Adults and kids of all ages, from those nearing 80 to babies in strollers, participated and enjoyed the camaraderie and physical activity. After finishing, participants were offered a free, relaxing foot massage.

Inside the gym, a towering palm tree made of pineapples drew many admirers. The large variety of tasty, healthy refreshments was a highlight of the event. Several spreads with wholegrain bread or crackers was served, including Tofu, Baked Eggplant, Heart of Palm, Green Olive, Black Olive, and Hummus, in addition to fresh fruit and Mango Chia Pudding. Recipes were available for those who wanted to try them at home.

More health events sponsored by the Patterson SDA Church are eagerly anticipated. A cooking class this fall will feature appetizing autumn recipes.

Let’s Move Day participants enjoyed the upbeat, energizing atmosphere of the event and left feeling physically and spiritually refreshed. Everyone is looking forward to next year’s Adventists InStep for Life Run/Walk-a-thon!

North Pacific Union Conference - Ridgefield, Washington
On Monday, September 21, 2015, the office staff of the North Pacific Union Conference participated in the Let’s Move Day event by taking their lunch hour and walking/jogging from Noon until 1:00 p.m.  There were 22 participants who walked/jogged a total of 58 miles.  This was the fourth year in a row that the staff participated in this event and everyone had a great time of exercise and fellowship.

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