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Let's Move Day 2014 Stories

Adventist Single Ministries Convention - Connecticut
A total of 50 single adults participated of the Let's Move Day program totaling 250 km of activity. Everyone who participated was very excited both for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful, physical exercise and experience, but also because, as single adults, it afforded them the opportunity for social interaction.  The weather was good providing for a pleasant walk/run. Thanks for Dr.s Claudio and Pamela Consuegra for participating on LMD.

Blairsville SDA Church - Blairsville, Georgia
This was the third year when Let’s Move Day has been organized by Blairsville SDA Church in Union County. This is an excellent opportunity for our church to connect with the Community. The Union County Commissioner proclaimed September 28 as Let’s Move Day in Union County. We had full support from Young Harris College, the Parks department, county school system, and county Sherriff’s Department.  Along with Blairsville SDA Church, the event has been sponsored also by Union County Hospital and United Community Bank.  

Let’s Move Day began with a concern for the rain that was forecast.  The volunteers had spent many hours planning for a successful program. After setting up the field, they formed a circle and prayed that a safe, dry day would be bestowed upon all attending. Although it rained a mile away, God answered our prayers and the park was spared. 

The athletic department from Young Harris College assisted in the planning and sent coaches with student athletes who graciously assisted the children hone their athletic skills as they participated at several stations.  They made the day a great success for the children. 

 This year we asked the parents to complete a survey. We received many very positive comments.  Some even suggested that we should have this event more often that once a year. Several parents indicated an interest in our monthly cooking classes, life style meetings, and Bible studies.  
Before leaving, many parents chose some free health literature and their eager children received prizes for their participation in the activities.  A happy group of people left the park that afternoon.

As our attendance grows and we see God blessing our efforts, we are very grateful to be able to reach out to our local community with our annual Let’s Move Day.  

Conyers SDA Church - Conyers, Georgia
The Conyers SDA church sponsored a cooking class on June 29, 2014, except there was no "cooking".  Erica Charles, Viviene McCatty and Ternar Archibald along with members of the Health and Temperance committee demonstrated a "Total Vegetarian" Raw Foods class.  This comprised of a healthy, complete meal including desert.  Among the more than thirty (30) attendees were teenage young people who thoroughly enjoyed the fare.  A Holiday cooking class is being planned before Thanksgiving.
On Sabbath, Sept 20, the Conyers SDA church celebrated Health Day, with E.W. Dempsey as speaker.  His topic was Visions of Hope.  After a sumptuous Total Vegetarian lunch many people remained for the Health rally conducted by Elder Dempsey who spoke on Diet and Exercise.  Every family received packets with vital information on how to take care of our bodies, God's temple.  All, including the children received gifts. Our Pastor, John Strickland asked that Elder Dempsey be invited again next year.
On Sunday, September 21, the Conyers church celebrated our annual Let's Move Day in the form of a 5K run/walk at the Johnson Park in Conyers, GA.  Thirty four (34) individuals participated and almost everyone finished the 5K.  As is our custom, Pastor John Strickland and Pastor Ricky Holmes, who support all events, also participated.
Bottled water was given. Everyone enjoyed the event and left refreshed.

Battlefield Community Church - Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia
We had twelve individuals from the community present.  We believe with the 70% chance of rain many stayed away.  The LORD Blessed.  We had good weather all morning and decided to break down at 3:30 and at 3:45 the rains came.

Wimbish Road SDA Church - Macon, Georgia
The Wimbish Road church in Macon, GA sponsored a LET’S MOVE walk on September 20 at the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail after the church service.  Twenty to thirty members participated and enjoyed the fellowship/exercise.  It was planned to inspire regular physical activity to support a healthy lifestyle and optimal body weight.

Lakeview SDA Health Ministry - Powder Springs, Georgia
The Lakeview SDA Church Health Ministry team has been extremely busy over the last few months.  In an effort to lead up to this year's Let's Move Day, we initiated a local campaign "Time to Change Your Life".  This was an effort to motivate our church members to stop and think about the choices they are making and to become motivated to change what they are doing in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

In July, the Health Ministry Team presented a Health Seminar for the parents during this summer's Vacation Bible School, which included a viewing of Forks Over Knives, a seminar on how to eat healthy on a budget, and a cooking class.  

The team also presented a Saturday evening vespers program, viewing the video Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  This video was about a man who completed a 60 day juice fast and changed his life forever.  We weren't necessarily pushing the idea of a juice fast for that long, but the intent was to introduce the idea of a "reboot" by juicing for a period of time in order to kick start a healthier diet.  

The Health Ministry team also lead out in a Sabbath School program one weekend, presenting the right ways and wrong ways to share the health message with others.  Too many times the health message is not shared in a loving method, and people are quickly turned off from it or that relationship is severed before the harvest could be reaped. We wanted to show the church members some examples of the right ways of sharing the message in a Christlike manner, by meeting the sick or the unhealthy where they are at and not judging them and the lifestyle they are currently living.  Also, letting them know that a lifestyle change does not need to be drastically completed overnight, but rather can be achieved slowly by taking small steps in the right direction, with God's help.  

On Sunday, September 21, the Lakeview SDA church hosted its 4th annual Back to Health 5k and 1 mile Fun Run and Health Expo, in support of the Let's Move Day initiative.  We had 42 participants in the 5k race and 15 in the 1 mile race, totaling 145 miles completed. We had over 50 church volunteers for the event. In addition, our Health Ministry Race Committee is fulfilling their challenge to the Lakeview congregation, in which the three person team will run 1 mile for each member of Lakeview SDA Church who signed up to race.  There was 23 members who signed up for both the 5k and 1 mile run, so the team will be running an additional 23 miles during the Let's Move Week.  That means, out of the 57 race participants, 34 of them were non-SDA church members from the community.  The right arm of the message was definitely being worked out this weekend and seeds were planted.  A few of the racers were even return participants from the past few years.  The Health Ministry team will be working with the Personal Ministry team to follow up with these individuals to continue that relationship.    

The September 21st Health Expo was sponsored by the Lakeview SDA Health Ministry and with community businesses, such as Fitness 19, Gold's Gym, Harmony Dental Associates, West Cobb Chiropractic and Press Together.  The NEWSTART program was used and health food samples and medical tests were provided for free at each station. The team from Wildwood Lifestyle Center also participated in the expo and presented the Sabbath evening program the night before.  

God-willing, we will continue to spread the Health Message in our local church and throughout the Powder Springs community.

Wayne SDA Church - Wayne, New Jersey
More than 150 runners came out on Sunday for the run, which is hosted by the Wayne Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Ratzer Road. Aimed at promoting healthful eating and exercise, it began three years ago in response to First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to reduce childhood obesity, said Delma Avila, a church member and director of the race. For more about the event, read the article published by The Record at http://www.northjersey.com/news/wayne-5k-run-aimed-at-boosting-healthy-eating-exercise-1.1097933.

Berea SDA Church - Toronto, Ontario
On Sunday September 21, 2014 the Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church participated in the, Let’s Move Day initiative for the fourth consecutive year. It was a rainy day. The weather forecast for the day was heavy rain and thunderstorm. At 1000 hours it was pouring but participants were not deterred, Twenty two (22) individuals ranging from 4 years of age to 76 years of age escorted by 2 members of the City of Toronto Police from Division 51 gathered at the corner of Sherbourne Street and Ancroft Place to begin the 8.50 kilometers walk through the communities of Cabbage Town and Regent Park in downtown Toronto.

At 1100 hours the rained ceased and participants began the walk under cloudy skies, damp atmosphere and 9 degrees Celsius after prayer was offered by Sister E. Leader.  At the end of the prayer the large banner which displayed the Let’s Move logo was raised along with several other posters which displayed health messages in support of the fight against childhood obesity.

 The goal of the participants was to bring awareness to the growing problems of childhood obesity and its potential and actual long-term effects on the individual and the community. The Participants’ messages were clearly heard and visible as they marched through the streets chanting “Let’s Move”, “Let's Go, Obesity Must Go” and other similar chants while holding up the banner and their posters which encourage the community to choose fruits and vegetable, drink water and participate in physical activities. After walking 6.25kilometers the participants stopped in at 51 Division of the Police Force where they spent 20 minutes sharing the messages against childhood obesity with community members who were registering their bikes. This was a strong message of joint partnership with the community.  
The participants also took time out along the route to speak briefly with individuals. They were encouraged on their march by spectators including pedestrians, bus drivers and their patrons and those in their vehicles who waved, read and commented as they received the message from the participants. Despite the weather forecast and the initial delay due to heavy rain and thunder the sun shone brightly throughout the duration of the walk and was a testament to participants of God’s promise of protection.
Participants look forward in anticipation to, “Let’s Move 2015”.

Ladd Springs SDA Church Health Ministries - Cleveland, Tennessee
Our church conducted its FIRST ever "Let's Move!" Day for Cleveland, TN and Bradley County, TN. Over 100 children participated in the "Let's Move!" Day activities (plus their parents). Event Activities were provided by 11 different organizations/businesses, and prizes for gift drawings were provided by 25 area businesses and organizations. Event Volunteers came from 6 different area churches. Many organizations said they want to be involved next year, including the Mayor. Not bad for our first event in this area, right? Thanks be to God and a hard-working team of volunteers!

Graysville SDA Church - Graysville, Tennessee
This year we advertised our event in the newspaper and with a couple of signs along the highway. we held the event at the Dayton city walking trail. we set up a table with a couple of lawn chairs.  The response to our advertising was limited to six church members from the Graysville church.  However as people arrived we asked them if they wanted to participate the response was very good, with a total of twenty seven participants. Those who signed up walked a total of 86.6 Km.

Lenoir City SDA Church - Lenoir City, Tennessee
The Lenoir City, Tenn., Let's Move Day had about 300 kids this year—a new record in our fourth year of the event—plus their families. Let's Move Day featured 22 activities, lots of church and community volunteers and about 25 athletes from the University of Tennessee. Activities ranged from a gymnastics obstacle course, climbing wall and track and field events to gardening, camping and kayaking and frisbee golf. Partners included the local schools systems, hospital, health department, businesses, organizations and churches. 

Let's Move Day & Children's Health Expo - Burleson, Texas
More than 300 children and adults from the greater Burleson area participated in Let’s Move Day Burleson on Sunday, September 21 at Texas Health Huguley Hospital. The fun walk/run and Children’s Health Expo were sponsored by the Southwestern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, in collaboration with several community organizations. Let’s Move Day is an initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to promote health awareness and combat childhood obesity. The goal for the day is to have participants nationwide walk or run one million miles in one day. Burleson participants logged 148.5 miles. 

Embe Madhiri, a Keene resident, volunteered at the Children’s Health Expo while her son, Ryan, went through the eight stations at the Expo where he learned about the importance of drinking water, getting enough sleep, and the role exercise plays in overall health and reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes. All children who participated in the Expo were screened for diabetes. “I am thrilled that both my son and I got to be a part of this community event. Besides having fun, he learned a lot of information about health that he will take with him,” said Madhiri.

After participating in the health expo, children were given prizes and enjoyed a bounce house and large inflatable slide.

Janet Yates, diabetes educator for Texas Health Huguley, was excited to see so many children learn about taking care of their health through activity and healthy food choices. “Promoting small, simple changes in physical activity and food choices can make all the difference in preventing childhood obesity and diabetes,” said Yates.

Participants were challenged to walk the mile-long track around the hospital at least once. More than 60 students from Southwestern Adventist University in Keene volunteered to help with the Expo or manage the six stations around the track with different activities, such as pull-up or push-up contests, which further challenged participants. 

April Meza, a Burleson resident, also helped with the Expo and had her two children participate. “My kids had a lot of fun walking and running around the track and loved the stations where they got to compete against each other. It was a perfect opportunity for us to be active as a family.”

- Pat Humphrey, Health Director, Southwestern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

El Paso Central SDA Church - El Paso, Texas
Sept. 21, 2014 El Paso Central SDA Church together with local area SDA churches joined “Let’s Move Day by sponsoring the 3rd Annual McKelligon Canyon 5krun/walk organized by El Paso on the Move.  Four hundred thirty (430) registered, 60% of which were from the community. That day we logged in 1290 miles and we had a blast. The event was a success as volunteers and church members collaborated together working for a mission - to connect with the people and promote physical activity.

Prior to the event, a Health Fair was held at the church during packet pick-up. This was our 2nd Annual Health Fair and people keep coming back to join the race.  Health magazines were inserted in each individual bag.  This was also an opportunity for the community to come see our church.  If there is any period of time that the church need to shine, it is now.

Since we discovered that the 5krun/walk was a good way to fund raise, our Health Ministry now has become a ministry that gives.  During the previous 2 events we were able to give over $17,000 to our beneficiaries, the pathfinders and local school/community gardens.  EPAJA  community garden, one of the beneficiaries,  has also become a ministry in itself.  During this year’s open house, about 100 people showed up, 90% of which are non-adventist. There are 5 non-adventist garden members, 1 of which came from the race.  Every Sunday, we have  farmer’s market.  Most of our customers are non-adventist.   Last year, over $400.00 were given to the 13th offering from the garden sales.

When we step out in faith, God will open opportunities beyond our imagination.   We never know what impact we have in the community.  Only eternity will tell.  People may not respond to conventional preaching but will respond to the health.  Truly, the health message is the entering wedge of the gospel. 

Highland Hills SDA Church - San Antonio, Texas
The church members of the Highland Hills Seventh Day Adventist Church hold a Health Evangelism Seminar from September 16-20 every night. The guest speaker was Sister Melody Prettyman. As part of the "Let's Move Day" festivities a Health Fair was organized on September 21, 2014, in our church location at 2526 Goliad Rd. San Antonio, TX. This was the culminating event which started after the four day Healthful Recipes and Home Remedies Seminar ended. University Health System came with the Mobile Mammogram Lab Bus for the Health Fair and it was a blessing to have the community with us. The "Let's Move Day" 5 K was held at the Southside Lions Park at 7:30 in the morning including our guest speaker Melody Prettyman. It was a blessed experience!

Tri-City Adventist School - Pasco, Washington
Our teachers and students at Tri-City Adventist School, along with 15 pre-schoolers and their aids (147 people) completed 577.688 miles of running and walking on Let's Move Day. We organized an event at the school from 9 to 12:30 on Sept 19.

North Pacific Union Conference - Ridgefield, Washington
On Monday, September 22, 2014, the office staff of the North Pacific Union Conference participated in the Let’s Move Day event by taking their lunch hour and walking/jogging from Noon until 1:00 p.m.  There were 19 participants who walked/jogged a total of 56 miles.  This was the third year in a row that the staff participated in this event and everyone had a great time of exercise and fellowship.

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