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2012 Adventists InStep for Life Awards Presented at Health Summit
Over 500 attendees from over 50 countries  witnessed the yearly Adventists Instep for Life Award celebration in Flushing, NY on March 16, 2013,  where the Adventist church in North America honored leaders and organizations (churches, schools, hospitals, conferences and unions offices). They were awarded for engaging their communities in healthier living through promoting active living (aerobic miles and participation reported online on our site year round and during Lets Move Day) and healthier eating - through health promotion and health education, and increasing access to healthier foods (community gardens, feeding sites and other initiatives reported on the Adventists InStep website. This initiative is in direct support of the national Lets Move initiative led by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, which the church has been partnering with since 2010 in an effort to improve the health of communities and reducing chronic health risks, including childhood obesity.

Click here to view pictures of the award ceremony.

Among the officials who attended were:

Heidi Christensen - White House Representative from the Faith-based and Community Partnerhship office and HHS office
Dr Jaime Torres, MD – DHHS , Region II, Regional director
Dr Michelle Thomas, MD – DHHS, Region II,Health Administrator

Along with NAD president, Daniel Jackson, they assisted in awarding the attendees and posed for pictures with each of them. Mayor Bloomberg send a letter of support which was read to the audience as he regretted not being able to attend.

We congratulate the following institutions and leaders:
  1. Adventist Health Systems (Lynnel LaMountain) – hospital systems with most miles and participation rate
  2. Southern Adventist University (Lilly Tryon) – university with most miles (2827) and participants (54)
  3. Southwestern Union Conference (Pat Humphrey) – innovation in partnerships, most community participants Lets Move Day (union level), 2nd along with SAU in % participation all year round, 2nd in gardens
  4. Southern Union Conference (David Long) – most miles in NAD (201,748), second along with SWU in participation
  5. Columbia Union Conference (Leah Scott) – Second in miles (199,000), most participation rates year round and on LMD, most participants overall and in Lets Move Day, most pathfinders miles, most gardens
  6. Atlantic Union (Leroy Daley, Ruben Merino) – Most participants of 2 conferences in a single LMD event
  7. Georgia-Cumberland Conference (EW Dempsey) – most miles, most participation rates,
  8. Allegheny East Conference (Leah Scott) – most miles in CUA, most gardens, most pathfinders miles (colulmbia union)
  9. SDA Chip Association (Stephan Herzog) – most miles from a single lifestyle program group
  10. Kansas-Nebraska Conference (Hubert Cisneros) – most miles  (mid-america union)
  11. Northern California Conference (Gordon Botting) – most miles, % participation, pathfinders, participants, CHIP miles, and gardens (pacific union)
  12. Washington Conference (John Loor) – most miles and participation rates from Northern Pacific Union
  13. Arkansas-Louisiana Conference (Pat Humphrey) – most miles  - SWU
  14. Southern New England Conference (Bill Warcholick)– most miles & % participation, and pathfinders miles
  15. British-Columbia Conference (Maria McLean) – most miles- Canada
  16. Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference (Maria McLean) – most participation rates - Canada
  17. Texico Conference (Pat Humphrey) – Most participation rates in SAW
  18. DuPont Park SDA Junior Academy (Leah Scott) – most miles NAD
  19. Spencerville SDA Church (Peter Landless) – Most miles (3rd place) NAD
  20. Paradise SDA Church (Gordon Botting) – Most miles (1st place) across NAD
  21. Collegedale SDA Church – (EW Dempsey) – most miles (2nd place) NAD
  22. Emmanuel Brinklow SDA Church – (Leah Scott) – most gardens NAD

Schools and Universities:
-Southern Adventist University – most miles and participation rates from any other university or college
-Dupont park SDA Jr Academy – (1st place - 5347 miles)
-R.A Lewis Christian School – (2nd place-4560 miles) most participation rates (2395% with 503 participants)

22 institutions (unions, conferences, schools, universities and churches) received awards for their miles of physical activity, participation on Lets Move Day and throughout the year, and number of community gardens sponsored among other activities.

SAVE THE DATE for the next Awards celebration on Jan 25, 2014 in Orlando, FL.

To register to participate in the InStep for Life initiative go to www.adventistsinstepforlife.org
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